carthusian_cell.jpgThe cell of a Quies SBPCLC is to be defined by different canonical, physical, and community structures than the Carthusian Cloister and Lay Monks cells, but the Quies SBPCLC exercises as the Carthusian, a continual effort to be always — as far as human frailty permits — very close to God he knows to be intimately present in his heart. Let us dedicate ourselves to the peace and silence of our cells and strive to offer him unceasing worship, so that, sanctified in truth, we may be those true worshippers whom the Father seeks. The personal cell of a Quies SBPCLC is to be essentially continually informed by the Quies SBPCLC 5 steps commitment to the 11 guidelines, and can take varied and unique forms of physical and community implementations.