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Enlarging text size in web pages

You can change the size of the text in your browser. Most web pages on the internet have been designed taking into account default display settings. By modifying the default font size in your own browser, you could be able to better see the pages, yet, in some cases, this might adversely affect the quality of their display.


a.    Avoid unnecessary chatter and discussions that are far from the aim of the CLC.
b.    The ecumenical openness must be conducted according to the norms of the Church and you will exclude any tendency to religious syncretism.
c.    You also avoid to compromise with pressure groups of ideas either integrist or avant-gardist. To the spiritual path in accordance with Saint Bruno, is appropriate great sobriety and modesty, remote from any controversy.
d.    We progress, all together, in the respect of the Magisterium of the Church." (Gd 9)