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  • Contacts between members are to be encouraged, indirectly through the internet forum (Gd 4)
  • but also through small groups when this is possible (Gd 4)
    1. The forum, which is not an end in itself, but a means to help some people develop their spiritual life, in the example and with the help of Saint Bruno, must be cleansed: (Gd 9)
      1. Avoid unnecessary chatter and discussions that are far from the aim of the CLC. (Gd 9)
      2. The ecumenical openness must be conducted according to the norms of the Church and you will exclude any tendency to religious syncretism. (Gd 9)
      3. You also avoid to compromise with pressure groups of ideas either integrist or avant-gardist. To the spiritual path in accordance with Saint Bruno, is appropriate great sobriety and modesty, remote from any controversy. (Gd 9)
      4. We progress, all together, in the respect of the Magisterium of the Church. (Gd 9)
      5. The role of the moderators is very important; they must work and intervene according to clearly defined rules pdf (Gd 9)

(Abba James) said, 'Just as a lamp lights up a dark room, so the fear of God when it penetrates the heart of a man illuminates him, teaching him all the virtues and commandments of God.' He also said, 'We do not need words only, for, at the present time, there are many words among men, but we need works, for this is what is required, not words which do not bear fruit.'

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