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There was a certain priest in Thebais whose name was Dioscurus, and he was the spiritual father of many monks, and at the time when they were about to receive the Holy Mysteries he used to say to the brothers, 'Take thought and see lest any man among you have been snared by the phantom of a woman during the night, and he be so bold as to receive the Holy Mysteries. Now the emissions which occur as the result of a phantom are not caused by the desire of a man, but take place independently thereof, for they happen naturally, and are due to the excess of matter [in the' body], and they do not, therefore, lead [a man] into subjection to sin. But the phantoms which arise from the desire are the sign of an evil wish. For it is meet that the monk should be superior to the law of nature, and that he should not be found with the smallest impurity of body, but that he should waste the body and humble it, and should not permit any superfluity of matter to be found therein. Work out plans, then, that you may cut off [the superfluity of] matter by means of a long period of fasting, for if we do not thus it will incite the other lusts to come upon us; and it is not meet that a monk should be occupied with the lusts which rise up in him daily. And if we do not thus, in what way are we different from those who live in the world? For we have observed that men of this kind often make themselves to be remote from the desires of their lust, either for purposes of bodily health, or for other reasons which are not worth mentioning; how very much more, then, should it thus be especially a care to the monk for the sake of the health of his spirit, and of his soul, and of his body ! '

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  • The Quies SBPCLC 5 steps commitment to the 11 guidelines is founded in sanctifying grace, which is the Life in us of the Most Holy Trinity
  • Quies is the fruit of being continually in the Presence, Love and  Will of God, living with and in the personal intimate friendship with the person of the Lord Jesus-Christ, a grace we personally and collectively aspire and feel called to fulfill as lay faithful, essentially guided by Saint Bruno's desert fathers spirituality: being with Christ.

Q: "What does one learn in the desert?"
Father Mina: "To have an authentic sincere Love towards Christ"
Q: "What experience of God do we make here?"
Father Mina: "We make the experience of the personal intimate friendship with the person of the Lord Jesus-Christ... The interior real lived sentiment of the intimacy with the Lord: I Am with you."
Q: "Thank you"
Father Mina was the first companion of Father Matta El-Maskine, one of the first 7 hermits of the Saint Macarius Monastery. He lives here in the manner of the first monks of the desert.
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