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Associations of the Faithful

  • To obtain an official support from the Order, the time is still premature. It becomes possible only after the establishment of the association and to the extent where this one, in its organization and practice, truly reflect the spirit of Saint Bruno, in an adaptation to the condition of laity living in the open world. This may take several years, which is not at all serious, since we are working on the long term. Gd 12
  • The name of the CLC: it would be desirable to make an explicit reference to Saint Bruno, rather than to the Carthusian Order. "International Fellowship of Saint Bruno" is good; otherwise "Saint Bruno Lay Contemplatives".Gd 11
  • IFSB Internationalis Fraternitas Sancti Brunonis - International Fellowship of Saint Bruno
  • SBLC Sancti Brunonis Laici Contemplativi - Saint Bruno Lay Contemplatives
  • SBPCLC Sancti Brunonis Pauperes Christi Laici Contemplativi - Saint Bruno Poors of Christ Lay Contemplatives
    • Pauperes Christi - Poors of Christ; in the spirit of the early Carthusians who called themselves Pauperes Christi
  • A definitive name for the official lay association is something we can imagine to be determined in due time jointly, by a mature IFSB/SBLC and SBPCLC ecosystem, comprising even some eventual affiliates.
  • Since the meeting at the Grande Chartreuse in September 2014 (LGC2014), there has been expressed the desire of a more direct link with the Carthusian Order, other than through a future Canonical Association of the Faithful; and the term "External Donates" was coined and noted by the IFSB/SBLC envoys during their discussions with the Reverend Father, so this orientation remains to be reflected upon and developed henceforth through our study of the Carthusian Statutes and the history of the Carthusian Order instead of developing a future Lay Association of Faithful.
  • La Lumière du Désert page (this video was highly recommended by the Reverend Father at the LGC2014 meeting)
  • The Life in us of the Most Holy Trinity (is to be developed following LGC2014 directives)

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