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There was a certain old man in Scete who toiled in the works of the body, that is to say, in fasting and in standing up; and in his thoughts he was a simple man, and he was neither keen in intellect nor learned. And he went to Abba John Kolob to ask him about his thoughts, and when the old man had spoken to him he returned and went to his cell, and forgot what the old man had said to him. And he came a second time to the old man, who told him what he had already said to him, and when he had departed he forgot it again; and though he did this several times he always forgot what had been said to him. Then, after these things, he went to the blessed man once more, and said to him, ' you know, O father, that I forgot [your words] again; but I did not come to you because I did not wish to weary you. ' Abba John said unto him, ' Go, and light a lamp'; and he went and did as he commanded him. And Abba John said to him, ' Bring several lamps, and light [them all] from it'; and he lit [them] as he had told him. And Abba John said to the old man, ' Is the lamp wherefrom you have kindled the many lamps in any way the worse?' and he said to him, ' No.' And the old man John said to him, ' If all Scete were to come to him John would not be the worse for it, neither would the gift of the grace of Christ be impeded thereby. Whensoever then you wish, and are in doubt, come [to me].' Thus by the patient endurance of both of them he removed and did away error from that brother. For this was the work of those who were dwelling in Scete, and they devoted themselves, and delivered over their wills to compel those who were engaged in [spiritual] war to inherit the good things (or virtues) each from each.


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The intentions of the Pope for the month of April

Young People. - That young people may respond generously to their vocations and seriously consider offering themselves to God in the priesthood or consecrated life.




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