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Our life might be captivated by Saint Bruno's charism in the Church, to the point at which our monastic interest evolves in a full bloom vocation, as a lay contemplative.

God calls, and we wish to answer; the most Holy Spirit provides. We want to become a lay monastic; we must leave the world, while living in the world.

Wishing is the first condition; obeying the necessary commitment; carrying with Jesus His blessed cross of true and perfect resignation and active participation to the Will of God, while living in the open world if this is God's calling for us, the realization and silent accomplishment of our vocation as lay contemplatives. Wishing is a most precious gift from God, we are infinitely blessed to have received this gift. Samuel got a call from God, Mary got a call from God; a wish is definitely a call from God, for each of us.

Traveling individually the path, up the contemplative mountain is for all of us a lifelong endeavor; as well as to obtain an official support from the Order, which will in God's day become possible only after the establishment of the association and to the extent where this one, in its organization and practice, truly reflect the spirit of Saint Bruno, in an adaptation to the condition of laity living in the open world. This may take several years, which is not at all serious, since we are working on the long term. (Gd 11)

Through the intercession of Mary's prayer, may the Holy Spirit recreate us, hidden in Christ, to contemplate and witness in all things, as in Saint Bruno's words: "Divinitas id est Bonitas" (PL, 153, 24 C) "Divinity who is Goodness".

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