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The Quies SBPCLC cell

  • The spiritual journey of Saint Bruno is characterized by the search for God in solitude, this God he knows to be intimately present in his heart. It would be desirable that the members of the CLC consecrate every day, according to their possibilities, a few moments to silence for: prayer of the heart, meditation or reading. Gd 1
  • CLC officials will provide, at the disposal of their members, a few essential elements to help in the development of this prayer (texts, life of St. Bruno, order history, excerpts of the Statutes of the Order). Gd 2
  • It is important to encourage a regular sacramental practice, depending on the possibilities of each one (the Eucharist and confession), as well as to make an annual retreat to better be impregnated of silence and solitude. Gd 3

carthusian_cell.jpgThe cell of a Quies SBPCLC is to be defined by different canonical, physical, and community structures than the Carthusian Cloister and Lay Monks cells, but the Quies SBPCLC exercises as the Carthusian, a continual effort to be always — as far as human frailty permits — very close to God he knows to be intimately present in his heart. Let us dedicate ourselves to the peace and silence of our cells and strive to offer him unceasing worship, so that, sanctified in truth, we may be those true worshippers whom the Father seeks. The personal cell of a Quies SBPCLC is to be essentially continually informed by the Quies SBPCLC 5 steps commitment to the 11 guidelines, and can take varied and unique forms of physical and community implementations.
  • What benefit, what divine delight, solitude and the silence of the desert bring to those who love them, only those who have experienced them can tell. Here God rewards his athletes for the exertion of the contest with the longed-for prize, peace that the world does not know, and joy in the Holy Spirit.
  • If therefore we are truly living in union with God, our minds and hearts, far from becoming shut in on themselves, open up to embrace the whole universe and the mystery of Christ that saves it. Apart from all, to all we are united, so that it is in the name of all that we stand before the living God. This continual effort to be always — as far as human frailty permits — very close to God, unites us in a special way with the Blessed Virgin Mary, whom we are accustomed to call the Mother in particular of all Carthusians.
  • Making him who is, the exclusive center of our lives through our Profession, we testify to a world, excessively absorbed in earthly things, that there is no God but him. Our life clearly shows that something of the joys of heaven is present already here below; it prefigures our risen state and anticipates in a manner the final renewal of the world.
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  • Esprit Cartusien (français) pdf Extract of an article (in french) that develops the characteristics of the carthusian spirit (of solitude and silence): spiritual virginity, simplicity, self-effacement, joy.
  • Solitude
  • Desert
  • The blessed path of tribulations
  • The Cloistered Heart external_link
    • "Work for souls is accomplished, for the most part, in silence.  Its efficiency does not depend upon occupation, position or popularity.  From a humble cell, hidden away in some cloistered nunnery, there radiates spiritual power which influences thousands of souls scattered over the entire world." (From Sheltering the Divine Outcast by A Religious, Peter Reilly Co., Philadelphia, 1952, p. 56)
    • St. Catherine of Sienna, who did not live in a monastery, “formed a cell in her own heart and there she remained continually united with God even when busiest, contemplating Him and speaking familiarly with Him.  Thus she attained to a stable, uninterrupted union with her Lord.(Spiritual Diary, Daughters of St. Paul, 1990).
    • "Whenever you pray, go to your room, close your door, and pray to your Father in private… (Matthew 6:6)
    • "Brother Body is our cell, and our soul is the hermit living indoors in the cell, in order to pray to God and meditate on him. (St. Francis of Assisi)
    • "I offer You the cell of my heart; may it be Your little Bethany. Come rest there…”  (Elizabeth of the Trinity)
    • "Our Lord frequently told me that I should keep a secluded place for Him in my heart, where He would teach me to love Him.(St. Margaret Mary)
    • "I set up a little cell in my heart, where I always kept company with Jesus. (St. Faustina)
      "Within yourself you have made a room... a secluded place.  You have built it by prayer…. You live in the marketplace and carry the poustinia within you.  That is your vocation… The Lord is calling us to stand still before him while walking with men.(Catherine de Hueck Doherty, Poustinia, Ave Maria Press, 1975)
    • "May the God who is all love be your unchanging dwelling place, your cell, and your cloister in the midst of the world.(Elizabeth of the Trinity) 
    • "Christ is held by the mind knowing Him and the heart loving Him...  what is this room except the inner secret of your own person?  Keep this inner room clean, so that when it is pure, unstained by sin, your spiritual home may stand as a priestly temple with the Holy Spirit dwelling in it.  One who seeks and entreats Christ is never abandoned, but visited by Him frequently, for He stays always with us.(St. Ambrose)
  • Our heart is our cell, and if we live “outside” the cell of our heart … then our focus reveals in time our spiritual position of exclaustration. Who isn’t in the guard of the cell – "is vomited by the cell”.
    • Palladius said, "One day when I was suffering from boredom I went to Abba Macarius and said, "What shall I do? My thoughts afflict me, saying, you are not making any progress, go away from here." He said to me, "Tell them, for Christ's sake, I am guarding the walls."
  • One cannot promise to guide, or live himself or herself, the Lay monastic claustration experience of Saint Bruno’s path attained by Metanoia, if we live, ourselves exclaustrated of the cell of our heart.
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