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Mission and origins of the Quies SBPCLC

Quies mission and origins
Any vocation in the Desert Fathers spirituality of Saint Bruno is difficult. The IFSB/SBLC is an initial inspired effort of dialog, to give form, in an adaptation to the condition of laity living in the open world, to the desert father spirit of purification (metanoia) and continuous union with God External link in solitude that flows from Saint Bruno through his sons since the founding of the Carthusian Order.

Rooted specifically in the Quies SBPCLC 5 steps commitment to the 11 guidelines, Quies SBPCLC membership is but a complementary effort, a trial applied in fraternal attention to the efforts of the IFSB/SBLC, to respond to this call of the Holy Spirit into the charism of Saint Bruno.

Quies.org originates then as a collaborative project, to engage and expand the vision as to how to live a life dedicated to Saint Bruno's charism in the open world, by particularly studying the difficulties in applying, living or even understanding the 11 Guidelines, with interested and able aspirants; together: "that, in its organization and practice, the aspiring association truly reflect the spirit of Saint Bruno, in an adaptation to the condition of laity living in the open world" (Gd 11).

La Grande ChartreuseThe 11 Guidelines were originally given to the founding members of the IFSBpdf in april 2003 by Reverend Father Dom Marcellin Theeuwes, at La Grande Chartreuse on their visit there, at the Reverend Father's invitation. They were first offered, mainly it seemed, to the IFSB/SBLC as suggestions for moderating their on-line discussions. But in the Carthusian perspective of Quies spirituality, we can discover in them the foundation and a core of elements, for a rule of life and ensuing customs, akin to the wisdom taught to a Carthusian novice, under which one could come to live within the spirit of Saint Bruno, while living in the open world. The 11 Guidelines appear thus, for us, a providential synthesized statement, a gift from the Reverend Father in 2003, of essential elements of a framework, within which we could develop Saint Bruno's spirituality, for lay faithful contemplatives.

Without this original inspiration and the sustained ongoing fidelity since 2003 of the IFSB/SBLC foundation, it would not have been possible to form such a vision for the Quies.org project. Quies.org further depends on the richness, evolution and accumulation of the ongoing exchanges, life and participation of the IFSB/SBLC community. We ask Saint Bruno and Our Lady of Good Counsel to guide our efforts.

In the communion of the Church, Quies and the IFSB/SBLC's related ways, are thus bound, we feel, by Divine Providence, to mutually support each other, that we might witness the life of Christ more fully into the world, in the spirit of Saint Bruno.


Quies remains the thread of all carthusian life, so practicing/perfecting/adapting personal customs conducive to Quies is our lifelong purification journey; as well as it is in a Charterhouse, and always perfectible by the Holy Spirit. To help log, identify and experience customs, under which one could come to live more fully within the spirit of Saint Bruno, while living in the open world; our page Horarium soberly initiates this process: to list, experience and document discretely a framework of the customs for a future canonical lay association or a virtual monastic community of external spiritual donates, that would obtain official support from the Carthusian Order. We are thus proposed to participate by experimenting/transmitting our trials and customs, through the forums and discussion groups or one-on-one exchanges, in view of completing this essential joint process, to help us together, serve: Quies.
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