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They used to say that, when on one occasion, Abba Moses of Scete was going into Patere, he grew weary through the length of the road, and he was afraid and said, 'How can I bring water for myself into this place?' And a voice was heard by him, saying, 'Go on, and fear not.' Now one day a large number of the fathers came to him, and he had there only one vessel of water, and having boiled some lentils the water came to an end; at this the old man was troubled, and went out and in, and prayed to God, and afterwards a great cloud came and poured down upon them much rain, and it filled all the vessels which he had with water. Then afterwards the fathers said to him, 'Abba Moses, tell us why you did come in and out'; and he said to them, 'I entered into judgement with God, who brought me here because there was want of water, and because I had no water for His servants to drink; therefore I came in and out.'

Q: "What does one learn in the desert?"
Father Mina: "To have an authentic sincere Love towards Christ"
Q: "What experience of God do we make here?"
Father Mina: "We make the experience of the personal intimate friendship with the person of the Lord Jesus-Christ... The interior real lived sentiment of the intimacy with the Lord: I Am with you."
Q: "Thank you"
Father Mina was the first companion of Father Matta El-Maskine, one of the first 7 hermits of the Saint Macarius Monastery. He lives here in the manner of the first monks of the desert.
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