The Quies SBPCLC 5 steps commitment to the 11 guidelines

Serious discernment, if not severe, must be put in place for the admission of members into the second degree. They must clearly know what they undertake and what are their obligations (see Gd 1.2.3.) (Gd 7) See also: The Quies SBPCLC 5 steps Ecumenic commitment to the 11 guidelines

The Quies SBPCLC 5 steps commitment to the 11 guidelines, is founded in sanctifying grace, which is the Life in us of the Most Holy Trinity
  1. Sacramental confession, regular, important (Gd 3); Quies weekly recommended.
    1. Foundational sacrament to heal and root our life and the community's life in sanctifying grace.
    2. Desert father spirituality starts with Metanoia.
    3. Consuetudines 7.2 - Guigo I's instructions for Sundays: "above all silence all week until Sunday morning confessions".
    4. St. Ambrose says of the two conversions external_link that, in the Church, "there are water and tears: the water of Baptism and the tears of repentance."
    5. Frequent Confession and the Eucharist external_link
  2. The Eucharist and communion, regular, important (Gd 3); Quies daily recommended.
    1. Eucharist: transcends time, union to Jesus-Christ's redemptive sacrifice on Calvary.
    2. Communion: real living presence of God, Jesus-Christ, gift of eternal life.
  3. The carthusian charism: hermits living in a community.
    1. The spiritual journey of Saint Bruno is characterized by the search for God in solitude, this God he knows to be intimately present in his heart. (Gd 1)
      1. It would be desirable to consecrate every day, according to possibilities, a few moments to silence for: prayer of the heart, meditation or reading. (Gd 1)
        1. Quies SBPCLC prayer is loving God,external_link it is not an immersion "in the indeterminate abyss of the divinity."
          1. Paths to Contemplation Yves Raguin s.j. External
      2. Essential elements to help in the development of this prayer: texts, life of St. Bruno, Carthusian order history, excerpts of the Statutes of the Orderpdf. (Gd 2)
      3. Make an annual retreat to better be impregnated of silence and solitude. (Gd 3)
    2. Contacts between members are to be encouraged, (Gd 4)
      1. indirectly through the internet forum, (Gd 4) - Please NOTE that the IFSB/SBLC contacts between members and their formation are realized principally through their internet forums. Since 2017 the International Fellowship of Saint Bruno Facebook Group has become the main discussion group. The Yahoo  IFSB discussion group and Stat Crux SBLC discussion group were formerly the initial (older) internet forums for many years, and still host some exchanges.  Discussions and moderation are mostly public within the forums often dynamic and varied exchanges, and individual spiritual life is mostly non moderated.
        1. The forum, which is not an end in itself, but a means to help some people develop their spiritual life, in the example and with the help of Saint Bruno, must be cleansed: (Gd 9)
          1. Avoid unnecessary chatter and discussions that are far from the aim of the CLC. (Gd 9)
          2. The ecumenical openness must be conducted according to the norms of the Church and you will exclude any tendency to religious syncretism. (Gd 9)
          3. You also avoid to compromise with pressure groups of ideas either integrist or avant-gardist. To the spiritual path in accordance with Saint Bruno, is appropriate great sobriety and modesty, remote from any controversy. (Gd 9)
          4. We progress, all together, in the respect of the Magisterium of the Church. (Gd 9)
          5. The role of the moderators is very important; they must work and intervene according to clearly defined rules . (Gd 9)
      2. but also through small groups when this is possible (Gd 4) - Please NOTE that the Quies SBPCLC contacts between members and their formation are realized within a small (group) community, Quies SBPCLC Our Lady of Good Counsel group. Members life, discussions and moderation (or mentor-ship) are mostly private (individual one on one) and adapted as needed to each person in emulation of a Charterhouse community's mostly solitary life, and community studies/exchanges are proposed occasionally or as needed and moderated within very small groups.
        1. Leaders will organize these internet contacts within a frequency which can vary between two and four weeks (video conferencing?). It is advisable to set themes and 'helm' the exchanges. (Gd 4)
  4. Deciding jointly, collectively, communially, collegially; in a spirit of prayer and Metanoia.
    1. An executive board consisting of about seven members (including a priest and at least two women) is to be to put in place, who jointly decides which path to follow. (Gd 5)
  5. Establishment of a lay association which in its organization and practice, truly reflects the spirit of Saint Bruno, in an adaptation to the condition of laity living in the open world. (Gd 11)
    1. This executive board also prepares the creation of a private association of the faithful. To properly set everything up, one must take time and hasten nothing. (Gd 6)
    2. Regular contact with the hierarchy of the Church (the best is a bishop) is to be sought and maintained. (Gd 8)

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