What are our customs?

Quies remains the thread of all carthusian life, so practicing/perfecting/adapting personal customs conducive to Quies is our lifelong purification journey; as well as it is in a Charterhouse, and always perfectible by the Holy Spirit. To help log, identify and experience customs, under which one could come to live more fully within the spirit of Saint Bruno, while living in the open world; our page Horarium soberly initiates this process: to list, experience and document discretely a framework of the customs for a future lay association that would obtain official support from the Carthusian Order. We are thus proposed to participate by experimenting/transmitting our customs, through the forums and discussion groups or contact, in view of completing this essential joint process, to help us together, serve: Quies.
horarium_225.png Customs, values, and ideas, that could be applied for a SBPCLC, within our duty of state

Carthusian Statutes





Bi/Tri weekly









  1. Only God: God alone | God only | Soli Deo | Deus solus | to be only in God’s Will
  2. Meatless: There have been some observed physiological advantages for interior contemplative life to a meatless diet; and there are probable health advantages, not excluding though prudent individual medical supervision.
  3. When possible:  remains a suggestion and discretionary4.
  4. Discretionary: Hesychasts who are living as hermits might have a very rare attendance at the Divine Liturgy (see the life of Saint Seraphim of Sarov External link | see also: Getting started FAQ) and might not recite the Divine Office except by means of the Jesus Prayer (attested practice on Mt Athos). In general, the Hesychast restricts his external activities for the sake of his Hesychastic practice. It is a question then for us, as Lay Faithful living in the open world, of discerning every time what is more appropriate for each, to "sit" interiorly and be One (monos) with God, at the present moment, within our duty of state.
  5. Interior solitude (Quies): "It is a spiritual process through which memory, intellect and will progressively die to every interest and complacence for things. God begins, instead, to be felt as the only one who can satisfy the deep realms of the spirit. It is only when the Carthusian discovers, bathed in admiration, that only God satisfies him that he begins to really be a true contemplative. Feeling that only God can satisfy him produces such a feeling of interior freedom and joy that it is difficult to express it in words."

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